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North Port Community
United Church of Christ

Minister of Visitation and Community Life


We are very pleased to announce the Board of Trustees of NPCUCC, at Rev. Evan Farrar's recommendation, has authorized the hiring of Jane Potter, M. Div., to fill a newly created part-time position called the Minister of Visitation and Community Life.  We have had Jane “officially” joined our congregation on New Member Sunday in August.  In her new staff position with us, Jane’s responsibilities will include, under Rev. Farrar's supervision: 

  • Providing pastoral care to members and friends of our congregation.

  • Creating and coordinating a lay visitation program within our church.     

  • Developing spiritual programs for our church (with an emphasis on programs for women).

  • Preaching, leading worship, and providing pastoral representation and leadership on selected committees and ministry teams

Jane is a graduate M. Div., of Andover Newton Theological Seminary in Massachusetts and, although not yet ordained, comes to us with a strong recommendation from the Rhode Island Conference of the United Church of Christ.  Jane, and her husband Blaine, live in North Port.  Jane will be applying immediately with the Florida Conference of the United Church of Christ to become a Licensed Minister and she will continue to explore the possibility of full ordination in the future.  We are so happy to be part of her journey! 

Since Rev. Evan Farrar has been Pastor, 52 persons have joined the North Port Community United Church of Christ in the past 14 months (38 - New Full Members, 8 - New Assoc. Members, and 6 transferring from Associates or Inactive to Full Members).  The many new activities and members have necessitated the need for assistance to the Pastor. 

In addition to her strong qualifications for ministry, Jane is also a Registered Nurse.   She stated, "My call to ministry stemmed from my work since the early sixties in nursing.  As I heard people in the telling of their life stories and witnessed an enormous amount of suffering and loss, I became interested in the spiritual nature of healing, even at those times when a cure was not available.  I have worked in nursing for over 40 years and currently have returned to work as a per diem nurse at Bon Secours Home Health, out of the North Port office."  So, for many reasons we are blessed to have her join our team and we look forward to her ministry unfold among us. 

Jane officially began her work with North Port Community United Church of Christ, 3450 South Biscayne Drive, North Port, 426-5580, on October 1, 2004..



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